About Us

interior designers portland“Our home environments are the only places of reprieve from the chaotic outer world, and I believe they should be treated accordingly when it comes to design.” – Kirstin S. Havnaer, Founder, Hearthstone Interior Design LLC

Kirstin Havnaer, a Pacific Northwest native who was raised in a family of homebuilders, architects, and artists, founded Hearthstone Interior Design LLC in 2002. Kirstin’s upbringing naturally engrained in her an undeniable sense of the power of aesthetics and functionality in the home. Despite this intrinsic understanding, Kirstin took what some may call an untraditional path to becoming an interior designer. As fate would have it, this path has led Kirstin, and Hearthstone Interior Design LLC, to become an even more exceptional and unique company.

Perpetually curious about human nature, Kirstin pursued an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and then worked her way through a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. After working in the corporate world (without much creative inspiration), Kirstin decided to get back to her roots and delve more into her artistic side. She once again immersed herself in education, by earning her AKBD certification (Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer) through the National Kitchen & Bath Association – the country’s lead organization in kitchen and bath design and design education. She also graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui, Heritage School of Interior Design, and completed studies with the IACC (International Association of Color Consulting) – who are the worlds’ expert organization on how color, neuropsychology, and physiology collectively affect human behavior. By then, the embers of a new vocation had been stoked, and Kirstin found her true calling.

When Hearthstone Interior Design LLC was founded, Kirstin realized that her background in psychology and business administration helped her immensely. Today, she credits her background as part of the reason she’s been able to find such success in running a business. What’s more, she found that understanding the psychological nature of people was forever valuable; Kirstin is able to help clients come together in tough design decisions, which, she says, “can sometimes require a little on–the-spot “marriage counseling” in order to keep the process moving.”

Kirstin’s passion for the use of color and energy flow in interior spaces has propelled her into a realm of interior design underserved by others in the Pacific Northwest. Kirstin has consulted for architectural firms, builders, businesses, and homeowners who seek environments that support them physically and emotionally, while maintaining optimal levels of comfort and productivity.

Today, Kirstin sees her passion as an inescapable opportunity to serve people and make the world a more comfortable place – one room at a time. Kirstin’s driving philosophy is as follows: “It’s not about what color the wall becomes versus the sofa. It’s about creating an atmosphere that supports the individuals who spend time there. Trends and fads can’t do that, but designing around the understanding of human response can. And that’s what design is all about at Hearthstone.”

Hearthstone Interior Design LLC is a proud member of the following organizations:

National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) – Kirstin has served on the local chapter board as both the VP of Technology & Communications and VP of Membership

Home Builders Association (HBA) & HBA PRO (Professional Remodelers Organization)

International Association of Color Consultants (IACC)