Interior Design


Kirstin really put my nerves at ease. She was not critical or judgmental. She came to find out what I needed and to see how she could help. What really surprised me was that a chair and sofa that she recommended were pieces that I had previously selected as my favorites at a local furniture store. This told me that she listened carefully and was tuned in to what I really wanted. – Jerilynn C., Sherwood, OR

We believe that the design of your home should enhance your quality of life, and we want you to love every tailored piece of the sanctuary we help craft for you.

The very act of walking through your front door should elicit a deep breath and evoke relaxation after a busy day. Your favorite chair should beckon you before you even slip your shoes off and set down your bag. The serenity you feel in your home should be uniquely yours. Your home is a direct reflection of you, and our commitment at Hearthstone Interior Design LLC is to turn these mere scenarios everyday realities.

Hearthstone Interior Design LLC utilizes a variety of supplemental tools to help you understand your design desires – as well as any challenges associated with them. We work diligently to educate you about the design choices you are making so that they are rewarding in the long term. We also seek out the latest in product knowledge and participate in continuing education in order to provide you with a wholly unique, comprehensive perspective on interior design. While we do keep up to date on the latest trends on the periphery, we have discovered that understanding specific client needs and preferences is a much better way of generating success for you than simply mimicking popular styles we see in magazines. It is a level of service like ours that is ushering the DIY generation into the DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) era.

Hearthstone Interior Design LLC is experienced in bringing art of feng shui to your home. This ancient art is used as a way to explain and evaluate the overall energetic feel of a space – whether it invites you in or turns you away. It requires the use of different tools to analyze how the space “flows.” While feng shui does share similar concepts with modern interior design principles, it also employs many abstract concepts that are not addressed in traditional design. At Hearthstone Interior Design LLC, we utilize feng shui in all of the work that we do as part of our standard design process – showing our clients without fail how our environments reflect and affect us, and how we can use intention to change our internal and external worlds simultaneously.

Let’s make your interior space a dream come true. Contact us today!